Replace Boring corporate voice greetings with EPIC personalized voicemail templates for ALL the phone lines in your life!! Looking for something for work? How about something hilarious? Maybe outrageous!?! Epic Voicemails has it.

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Why can't you answer?

Choose from hundreds of voice of templates with millions of combination possibilities for you to become EPIC!

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Who becomes Epic?

  • Professionals working daily in offices across the globe who need a professional first impression.
  • Job Seekers looking for a professional sound when recruiters are calling to offer a role.
  • All age ranges of people with a good sense of humor who enjoy making their friends and family laugh!
  • Those who seek the EPIC adventures in life and are living life one grenade-exploding-atomic-machine-gun-blast at a time. Get some!!

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In just a few clicks millions of possible Epic Voicemails are at your finger tips for friends and family. Think you have what it takes?

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Behold the glory of the Epic Voicemail building system. Enter your name and begin choosing your custom templates. If you dare?!

WTF? How do I do it?

Calm down Amigo! Hold the Phone. If an Island Boy can do it so can you. It is easy. It only takes 6 simple steps.

Select your template choices

You will be asked to enter your name. If your name is not in the system yet be patient it will be added. Drop us a line to add it. Then pick a Category for your personality and need. Then, do you want an email, a text or an actual voice message?

Review & Pay coins

Review the selections you’ve picked and listen to that annoying audio watermark we added so you stop trying to steal from us.

Download Your Epic Greeting & Explode Ear Holes!

Download your final choice via .mp3 format. For iPhone users you will need to play the audio file off a separate device back to your phone. For Android users you will be able to import the audio into your custom greetings. If you need help, Youtube it!! Type in “How to make custom voicemail greeting.” Watch the video and follow the directions. Or ask a Millennial..that works too.


What Random Epic People are saying…

You’re welcome for changing your life for the better world.

About Us

about us
Ivy Hagel M.B.A Co-Founder

Ivy’s expertise is in international B2B and B2C networks. She brings over 10 years experience in value creation, innovative brand positioning, developing new market space, facilitator, creating joint global ventures, creating global partnerships, global marketing and sales, strategic planning, financial fund creation, entrepreneur, communicator, and personal manager- entertainment industry.

about us
Brent Allen Hagel Co-Founder

Brent is a globally recognized voice artist and audio producer. His voice can be heard on numerous networks and promotional campaigns for theatrical releases. Epic Voicemails was founded to meet the demands of the public's creativity for the personalization of their voice mail greetings.

Our Mission

Epic VM, with its purpose-driven founders the tools to connect their gifts to a better future for all.

Our mission statement : This is an era to be EPIC! Our founders are a virtuous team with diverse interests and uncommon potential, to lead human communication enterprises forward. Reconnecting people through the power of voice in a digital age.

Our Epic Hunger Ending Mission:

Epic Voicemails's goal to transform our EPIC world to Zero Hunger. Epic VM joins the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We are providing resources to end hunger and ensure access to nutritious food by all people, in particular the poor and people in vulnerable situations, including infants, all year round through local food shelters.

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